Sleep training your baby is a daunting process for many new moms. In fact, many new parents don’t even realize that they need to be sleep training their baby. This is where problems are created. Myths are formed about sleep training that simply aren’t true. Each of them makes the process of sleep training your baby or even riding out those first few years of sleepless nights even more challenging. 

The worst assumptions that you can make are that you have to enjoy these challenging sleepless nights while you can because soon your child will grow up and won’t need you night after night. Or, that you made the decision to have children so you can’t expect to sleep through the night for the first few years. 

Here are three common myths that many people believe to be true: 

Myth #1: Your Baby Will Not Love You in the Morning 

This is very far from the truth. Do you really believe that after one night of changing your baby’s sleep habits he or she won’t love you anymore? It’s true that your baby will be resistant to change in the beginning. So yes, your baby will be frustrated and probably won’t adjust well at first to you taking away the things he or she has learned to depend on for sleep. 

But sleep training will not discount all of times you’ve held her, given her food, changed her diapers, played with her, given her baths, and the hundreds of other things you’ve done with her. 

Myth #2: Sleep Training Means Leaving Your Baby to Cry it Out

Sleep training does not mean that you repeatedly leave your baby to cry until they fall asleep each night. Crying is not what will help your baby sleep through the night. This is only their reaction to the change in their sleep habits. They are naturally going to be a little confused when their routine changes. 

You can even stay in the room for a little while during the nights when your baby adjusts to these changes, if you want to. Babies learn to adjust to these changes pretty fast, though. In fact, in a few days your baby will learn to calm down all own his or her own. 

Myth #3: Sleep Training is Too Stressful for Babies

If you’re worried about sleep training becoming too stressful for your baby, you shouldn’t be. There is no scientific evidence that shows that sleep training has any long or short term psychological effects on children. 

The first few nights that will likely be filled with crying may be uncomfortable, but there are two things you can do. First, you can make some small changes which will make the transition to sleeping independently easier. This, in the long run, will make your life much easier. 

Or, you can choose not to sleep train your baby and continue to give them whatever they want to fall asleep. This way may seem easier, but over time you will learn that your baby isn’t getting the rest he or she needs. 

The truth is, a few nights of crying during the changes are well worth years of healthy sleep. Don’t let myths hold you back from sleep training your baby.