Bay Area Sleep Consultant

Are you ready to get the sleep you and your family deserve?

It’s my mission to give you and your little one the well-deserved sleep you’ve been longing for and build a foundation for your child to grow and learn.

I will work with your family to help everyone in your home get a good night’s sleep. Through phone and email support, I will create a customized sleep plan to help your child learn the skills to sleep longer stretches at night. You and your family deserve the gift of sleep.

Hi, I’m Adele!

My name is Adele Thompson and I am a pediatric sleep consultant. My journey into sleep consulting began when I realized Callan, my firstborn, was not going to magically learn to fall asleep on his own anytime soon. I then realized that good sleep was something I was going to have to help him learn. Not what I was expecting!

As my family grew and life changes brought us over to the San Francisco Bay Area from Canada, I had the opportunity to change my career trajectory from social work as I wanted to be home with my children as much as possible. I decided that working with families to help them achieve their sleep goals and needs would be such a privilege as healthy sleep habits lay the foundation for healthy families! I then began my training under Dana Obleman with the Sleep Sense program.

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My Background

I have two amazing, energetic, well-rested boys, Callan and Isaac. They remind me every day that life is full of wonder, adventure, and beauty. After laying a healthy sleep foundation for each of them they are able to spend their days absorbing and learning all that is around them and I actually have enough energy to keep up with them! (Unless I’ve stayed up too late watching my favourite show!)

If you’re ready to make some changes to your family’s sleep, call me for a free Discovery Call. I look forward to working with you to help your family get back to sleep and be all that you desire to be. Sweet dreams!

Sleep Consulting in the Bay Area

“Our twins go to sleep at night with little protest. They sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. WE sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. What a gift! We are still working on naps and know we have Adele standing by to lend advice as needed.”

Jill and Derek | Parents to 13 month old twins, Mackenzie and Stella

What Adele Can Offer You

Follow-Up Support

I offer extremely flexible, unlimited daytime, and thorough support to ensure you are getting the help you need to be successful.

Equips You with Long-Term Skills

I teach and equip you with the skills needed to continue on afterwards so that you leave feeling empowered and able to make healthy sleep choices for your children.

Free Call With Adele

I offer a free, 20-minute conversation to learn more about you and your child to see how I can best help you and which package I would recommend.

Ready to get your sleep back?