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You’re standing in your child’s bedroom. Your little one is draped over your shoulder, asleep. Your arms and back are starting to ache but you don’t want to put her down too soon otherwise she’ll instantly wake up and you’ll be back at square one. For another hour. Or maybe you’re on the yoga ball, performing bouncing acrobatics trying to get your baby to JUST FALL ASLEEP.

But it’s not working. You decide he has FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and you resolve to try again later. Or maybe you’ve just given up and resigned yourself to sleeping in the rocking chair with your child in your arms (even though you know it goes against all the sleep rules – but really, what choice do you feel you have?). 

Finally, your little one is asleep. You do a mad dash to shower, cook dinner- and if you’re lucky, eat it while it’s still hot- and maybe catch a few minutes of your favorite show before the night shift starts. You start to feel that you’ll never sleep again.

Many of us as parents have found ourselves in situations similar to these ones at some point in our parenting lives. I remember dreading bedtime with my first son in those early months. I had a specialized dance/bounce method that I felt I had to do ‘just right’ and if I didn’t place him in his crib at just the right moment he’d instantly wake up and cry. And then there were the naps. There were so many days where all I felt like I was doing was trying to get my son to sleep with seemingly very little payoff.

My Baby Package is designed to tackle all of this!  I start this package for babies 4-18 months of age and my support is provided over a three-week period. So much change is happening during these months! This is when a true schedule emerges and consistency is the key for both naptimes and bedtime.

Day time sleep is commonly undervalued but is so important for the growth and development of our babies. I will educate you on how long your baby can stay awake before becoming overtired and how many naps they should be taking at what age. Eliminating sleep props now and teaching baby to fall asleep on their own will set us up for a healthy sleep schedule as we move into the more active toddler stage!

What’s included:

This package is really all about the sleep support. I’ve designed it so that I can be as available to you as possible to help you achieve your goals.

For an online consultation you’ll get:

  • Customized sleep plan that addresses your specific situation and struggles
  • A private, 1-hour consultation to walk you through the plan
  • 3 weeks of support- by phone, email, and text 

Investment: $500

For an in-person you’ll get:

  • Customized sleep plan that addresses your specific situation and struggles
  • A private, 1.5-2 hour in-home consultation to walk you through the plan
  • A tour and evaluation of your child’s sleep space
  • 3 weeks of support- by phone, email, and text 

Investment: $700

Baby Sleep Consultant in San Francisco and the Bay Area

There’s nothing like having another mom to show you the way to help get your baby sleeping again. As a certified sleep consultant in the Bay Area and San Francisco, I have worked with many parents who were at their wit’s end. If you would like some help, contact me today, and start getting the rest you need.