Ugh, have I mentioned how much I HATE daylight savings? I still don’t understand why we have this archaic system that serves such little purpose in a post candlelight era! If I’m missing something, please feel free to reach out and tell me!

But the reality is, we all have to deal with it. Before kids, I loved the ‘fall back’ one- an extra hour of sleep- sweet! But with kids, it usually means an extra hour of awake time and super early mornings!

Dealing with Daylight Savings Time

Starting on Wednesday, move your child’s bedtime back by 15 minutes. So if your child goes to bed at 7pm, make it 7:15pm, On Thursday, move it to 7:30 and so on until you reach 8pm on Saturday. Do the same for naps. That’s it! Pretty simple!

Keep in mind, your child will not likely automatically sleep in an hour later (hence why we make this change in small increments of time) so there may be some over-tiredness over the next few days. Have patience during those extra meltdowns and temper tantrums and know that they will adjust if you’re keeping consistent with the timing and bedtime routine.

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