Last month, I mentioned how excited I was for November, particularly Thanksgiving, as it would be our family’s first US Thanksgiving. All I can say, is that I am completely convinced that no one does this wonderful holiday¬†as good as American’s! Deep Fried Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, cornbread with bacon?! So amazingly delicious! And then we get to do it all again in a few weeks!

Starting Sleep Training in December

Obviously, December is a busy time for many families. But did you know it’s also the choice month for many families to sleep coach their children? I know, I had no idea either before I got into this line of work! But it’s true- many families decide to ride the sleep training roller-coaster in the holiday months because they have time off of work and therefore, time to commit to each other and to their child. And actually, this makes a lot of sense to me. If you decide this is the month for you to embark on this particular journey, give yourself a couple of weeks to commit. Yes, that may mean you have to forgo the company work party (pretty good excuse if you need one, in my humble opinion!), or skip the insane afternoon line-up to see Santa (I’m sure he’s much more agreeable in the morning anyway), but then, that’s it. You’re done! And is this really not the best gift you can give your whole family for Christmas? Long, restful, dream filled sleep for both you and your child.

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For many families, however, the thought of going through this process is completely overwhelming and that’s where I can help. It is a roller coaster ride, and having someone along for that ride to hold you hand, and guide you through it, giving you detailed plans and instructions is nothing to be ashamed of! All of my families see a 100% improvement in their child’s sleep when they work with me and it’s because of that intense follow up support.

So, let this be the month where you do it! Become a dreamer again- I’ll help you get there! You can get my free guide by filling out the box included with this post or schedule a consultation.