Getting your baby or toddler to sleep through the night can be a challenge. Losing sleep night after night when you have to work the next day or even take care of your child is not an ideal situation for anyone.

While days, weeks, and months pass and you grow increasingly tired, you’re bound to look for solutions anywhere you can. In a perfect world, there would be a quick fix solution to the never-ending sleep battle.

That’s where special sleep products come in. Companies create weighted blankets, self-rocking cribs, hypnotizing bedtime books, and even vibrating mattress pads. Anything to induce sleep for the restless baby or toddler.

Unfortunately, while one or more of these may work for you, this isn’t a permanent solution to the problem. Sleep is a skill that must be learned. It’s something that your child learns with their nightly routine. All aspects of your child’s nightly routine should become comforting and expected.

When you purchase an object to help your child sleep, they will become dependent on it. It becomes a crutch for sleeping through the night. After that, you will be hard-pressed to get your child to sleep without that object.

The worst case might be if your child can only fall asleep if her or she is read a certain book. This means that anytime your child wakes up during the night and needs to go back to sleep, you will have to get up and read the book to them. That can get very tiring night after night.

If your child happens to sleep well with a weighted blanket, that’s great for a few months. But what happens when your child outgrows the blanket? You’ll have to replace it. This can be a very expensive solution depending on what works best for your child.

The real solution to sleepless nights is sleep training. Sleep is something that your child needs to learn to do each night without your help. Every time you rely on a book, a certain motion, or even feeding, you are doing some of the work for them. That may work in the moment, but over time, you’ll find that your child is reliant on that habit rather than themselves to sleep.

Luckily, you can teach your child to sleep. They can learn to do this without a specific object, bedtime story, or even person putting them to sleep. This will help you and your child sleep through the night without a routine. Sleep will become a natural part of their life.

With the help of a sleep consultant, you can learn everything you need to help your child develop sleep skills. With the right technique and reinforcement, your child will happily be sleeping through the night. You’ll forget about the nights you spent, desperate to convince them to go to sleep. Once your child learns to sleep on their own, nighttime will be easier for everyone.