Do you feel as if you’re constantly juggling bedtime routines? Establishing a bedtime routine for your baby is no easy task. But when you have more than one baby or child, it’s an even bigger challenge. While bringing a new baby into your family is a great thing, there are challenges that you have to be prepared to face. The biggest of which is bedtime routines.

The problem is that your older child already has a bedtime routine established. Some part of this routine likely involves a little help on your part too. When you add a new baby to the picture, things get a little complicated.

When you first bring your baby home, you’re probably worried about how your older child will react. Will they be jealous of their new sibling? Will they happily and enthusiastically embrace their new sibling? Will their schedules seamlessly fit with your newborn’s schedule?

You probably have a lot of questions, but the truth is that you won’t know until it happens. Juggling the different bedtimes is a little overwhelming at first. Before you start worrying about how your older child will react to their new sibling, know that you will learn how to balance their routines.

Here are a few ways to make juggling bedtime routines easier:

1. Choose a single bedtime for all of your kids

Probably the most important thing you can do to make sure that bedtime goes smoothly is to make sure that your kids are going to sleep at the same time. This will reduce your stress level and prevent one child from waking up the other.

2. Team up with your partner and switch off

If possible, have your partner help you with bedtime. One of you could focus on one child or part of the routine, while the other covers another task or helps the other child.

3. Try to find opportunities to multitask

If you can bathe both of your kids at once, read them the same bedtime story, or any other activity, take advantage of that.

4. Carefully create and adhere to bedtime routines

Crafting a strict bedtime routine is the only way to make sure that bedtime goes smoothly each night. Make sure you stick to your time limit and follow the same schedule. This will help train your children to fall asleep faster.

5. Make bedtime fun

Something as simple as reserving a special coloring book for bedtime can help your toddler look forward to the time. Just make sure you reserve this activity solely for bedtime.

6. Give your toddlers a task

Juggling a newborn and a toddler at the same time is difficult. In order to keep your toddler out of trouble while you focus on the baby, give them a task. By giving them something to do, you’ll help keep them distracted so they stay calm until you’re ready to help them get to bed.

7. Keep your kids away from the TV

Avoid letting your toddler watch TV at all costs. This will be too stimulating for them. The blue light stimulates cortisol production and inhibits melatonin. This means that your child will have a hard time falling asleep. As a result, you’ll be up much later too.

8. Stay adamant about sticking to the routine

No matter how convincing your kids are, don’t change up your routine. Yes, they may want to stay up a little later, have an extra snack, or ask you to read another story, but do your best to stick to the routine. Consistency is the only way to establish a solid bedtime routine.

9. Be prepared for some nights to be more difficult than others

Not every bedtime will go seamlessly. Some nights will be harder than others. On those nights, remember that tomorrow will likely be easier. Your kids have different personalities and energy levels, so their behavior will vary.

10. Embrace the peace and quiet

With time, you and your family will get the routine down. After all of the chaos of the night, take some time for yourself to unwind before you start chores and other responsibilities. Bedtime routines aren’t easy with multiple kids, make sure you embrace the downtime when you can.

An End to Juggling Bedtime Routines

Have you been wondering how to eliminate the juggling of bedtime routines? Teaching your child to learn how to sleep through the night is possible! Contact Adele Thompson Sleep Consulting today online or at 415.691.1298.