I’m so excited that November is here! I mean, October was fantastic in many ways (like super cute kids in their super cute Halloween costumes), but I think I am most excited to be celebrating our first American Thanksgiving dinner this month. I mean, this holiday is the making of legends up in Canada and apparently blows Canadian Thanksgivings out of the water (don’t tell my Mom). But ultimately, it’s all about who you celebrate it with…and maybe a little bit about the food too…

With the approach of two of the most substantial family holidays happening in the next couple of months, families with young children go either into thrive mode or survival mode. And in my experience, sleep plays a big part in how we experience these things. When I’ve been exhausted and my boys were not sleeping well (like last Christmas in the chaos of moving), I haven’t been able to fully enjoy time with friends and family, and that just downright sucks. And not just for me but for my kids too.

I want all of you to have the richest family and friend time over the next couple of months. My wish would be for every single mom, dad and child to be sleeping well so they can wake up refreshed and excited to take on whatever the day brings. The reality is that many of us are under the false assumption that sleep will either magically get better on it’s own or that it can’t get any better than what it currently is and most of the time neither or those assumptions are accurate. Take back your nights so that you can take back your days and be your best family. And of course, I am always here to help you reach whatever your sleep goals may be and beyond.

Sweet dreams,