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I love toddlers and preschoolers. I love their curiosity. I love their spunk. I love their complete lack of inhibition and desire to explore. And naturally, with that comes the desire to also explore boundaries and limits…which is not always such endearing behavior! Many parents find that the shift from babyhood to toddler stage is gradual, often happening somewhere between 18 months and 2 years.

Parents start to see the desire for more independence happen in those situations expressed by the “No, me do it!” phrases or the complete and utter exasperating meltdowns over seemingly benign things! And of course, with all of these new desires, skills, and curiosities, comes a new battle of wills! As fate would have, this often manifests when you feel like you have the least amount of energy to deal with it – BEDTIME!!

Establishing Bedtime Routines with Toddlers

Even for those kiddos that have had great sleeping skills as an infant, toddlerhood can throw a curveball into bedtime routines and night wakings like no other! We get the crib jumpers, the stallers, the kiddos that are all of a sudden deathly afraid to be on their own to fall asleep. And all of a sudden your sweet, simple bedtime routine has turned into a battle of wills, ultimately ending in you most likely lying on the floor pretending to be asleep (or maybe even falling asleep) in order to get your toddler to sleep too. At this age, our kids are learning all about boundaries, testing the waters, and seeing just how far we’ll let them go with just about everything!

There is Hope!

The good news? You’re not alone! All of us as parents have encountered this behavior and frustration in some capacity. However, the reality for many families is the feeling that what worked before is no longer working for their older child, and it can feel absolutely overwhelming to even know where to begin to change it. You’ve tried going back to CIO (cry it out) – nope doesn’t work this time. But you also know that camping out on your child’s floor for the foreseeable future is also not conducive to healthy (ahem) grown up time 😉.

How I Can Help

This is where I come in. Although we might not realize it, structure and routine are crucial for our toddlers as it brings a sense of security and stability. When sleep problems exist at this age, having clear consequences in place, as well as rewards, help us get them back on track with a healthy sleep schedule. In this toddler sleep package, my support as a sleep consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area is provided over a 4-week period, as toddlers are typically more strong-willed and require a little extra TLC as well as time to establish boundaries. 

It’s important to meet our kids where they’re at. That means strong, healthy, and loving boundaries. But it also means that we get to be a part of celebrating with our kids when they learn new skills and overcome tough obstacles. We get to be their #1 cheerleaders, and it is so satisfying to be able to encourage and reward our children when they meet their goals 😊.

Here is what is included in an online Toddler & Preschooler package:

This package is really all about the support. I’ve designed it so that I can be as available to you as possible to help you achieve your goals.

For an online consultation you’ll get:

  • Customized sleep plan that addresses your specific situation and struggles
  • A private, 1-hour consultation to walk you through the plan
  • 4 weeks of support- by phone, email, and text 

Investment: $550

For an in-person you’ll get:

  • Customized sleep plan that addresses your specific situation and struggles
  • A private, 1.5-2 hour in-home consultation to walk you through the plan
  • A tour and evaluation of your child’s sleep space
  • 4 weeks of support- by phone, email, and text 

Investment: $750

San Francisco CA Toddler Sleep Consultant

As a certified sleep consultant, I take my job very seriously. I understand the frustration that can come with a toddler who can’t get settled for the night. That’s why my clients know I will always be there for them during these tough times. Contact me today if you’re ready to learn how to help your toddler settle in for the night.